Hero: K-Star

Name: Kristy Michaels

Protector ID: K-Star

Group Affiliation: Impossible Family

Base of Operations: Paradox City, Ohio

Eyes: Brown-----Protector ID Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown----- Protector ID Hair: Brown with Blonde Highlights

Background: Kristy is the first born of Dan and Karen Stevens, aka Omega Impossible and Ultra-Maven...well technically, Kristy is the daughter of Dan and Karen---when she was Fly-Girl. After Karen merged and became Ultra-Maven, they had Kristy’s 3 siblings.

Kristy has always been labelled the quieter one and the one least likely to desire the attention and approval of others. As K-Star she can fly, shoot force beams from her hands, has super strength, and is nearly invulnerable---which tends to bring attention...especially from the evils of this world who thrive on trying to defeat her. The villains want the bragging rights of taking her down.

Of the four Stevens children, Kristy was the only one born with her powers. She learned from her parents how to perfect and control them as each power grew stronger. This helped her teach her own three children how to deal with their own powers over the years.

Kristy married Marc Johnstone at a young age. She had three boys with him during their marriage. Marc (aka Bison) is a vigilante and she watched him become obsessed with that over the course of their marriage. He constantly went against the ‘Impossible Family’ code of heroics and would put innocent people in danger when he was attacking who he deemed the villains of society. This behavior eventually wore on Kristy and she had to remove herself and her children from his self-centered antics. He wanted desperately to be powerful and put that above protecting even his children. And so they divorced.

Over the years, Kristy and her family taught her sons how to be the superheroes they are meant to be. She met Christian Michaels and he instantly fit in with that dynamic because he himself is an honorable--albeit quirky--superhero. Christian loved Kristy unconditionally and her sons became his family. They continue to raise the boys together, teaching them to be good people--while dealing with Marc’s negative influence over them at times.

Present day, Kristy aka K-Star, spends her days taking care of her children, fighting the good fight, and working alongside her husband Mecha-Knight and the rest of her family to take down the evils that dare to threaten this world.

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