Hero: Kidd Impossible

Name: Andrew Stevens

Protector ID: Kidd Impossible

Group Affiliation: Impossible Family

Base of Operations: Paradox City, Ohio

Eyes: Blue-----Protector ID Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown with highlights----- Protector ID Hair: Blonde

Background:  Andy has a tall order living up to his family’s legacy. He is the youngest sibling of the Impossible Family. His parents are the ultimate legendary superheroes. His siblings are also worthy heroes who protect the world. All of this can give a kid a complex. Andy is constantly wondering if he’s doing enough, if he’s strong enough, if he’s good enough. In reality, he’s proven time and time again to everyone that he IS worthy to carry the Impossible Family moniker and have the superhero status just like the rest of them. (What Andy doesn’t realize is he may turn out to be the strongest of them all, as his powers continue to grow every day.)

Andy transforms into Kidd Impossible by calling on the Impossible Enigma. This allows him to fly at supersonic speeds, have super strength, and is starting to learn to alter his molecular structure like his father Omega Impossible.

Andy splits his time between saving the day as Kidd Impossible, going to college, and dating his new girlfriend Sarah.

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