Hero: Mecha Knight

Name: Christian Michaels 

Protector ID: Mecha-Knight

Group Affiliation: Impossible Family

Base of Operations: Paradox City, Ohio

Eyes: Blue-----Protector ID Eyes: none

Hair: Dark Brown----- Protector ID Hair: Dark Brown

Background: Michael is unique. While two Michaels from parallel universes were working on experiments to transport to each other’s world, they caused a massive explosion in which both Michaels merged together---with the technology they were developing---to create one Techno- Organic being capable of shifting his vibrational frequency to travel to parallel universes. His new mechanical body gives him a host of abilities. It allows him to transform himself to safeguard him from any environment, fly, and communicate with all electronic devices..

Even though he can transform himself into an everyday-looking version of himself, Mecha-Knight will never be human again. One of the original Michaels lived on the Impossible Family’s Earth and was searching for parallel universes. The other original, lived on an Earth ruled by his father---who controlled that planet with an iron fist. The 2nd Michael was trying to find a parallel universe with powerful heroes who could help stop his evil father and help his brother. As both Michaels developed the technology, they caused a paradoxical effect that merged the two together with that quantum technology to create Mecha-Knight.

Mecha-Knight now lives on the Impossible Family Earth and fights alongside his wife K-Star and her entire super family. Michael/Mecha-Knight’s greatest gift was becoming a stepfather to K-Star’s boys. During his free time, he continues to visit parallel universes trying to get back to his Earth to save his brother. But while he is on these other Earths, he fights as Mecha-Knight to right the wrongs of each planet he visits.

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